Timber Crates and Boxes

made to your specifications​

We build the crate or box you need to transport your products

Small, large, heavy, oversized or multiple units—we can help you!

Your products will be well protected​

Timber Crates and Boxes

made to your specifications​

Forklift base included. 

Internal modifications added for stability.

Custom Crating | ISPM 15

ISPM15 standard timber and certification provided.

Strong and durable timber crates suitable for international or domestic freighting​.

Custom Crating | Internal modifications
Custom Crating | Standard timber cladding
Custom Crating | Standard tall crate

Plywood or timber cladding.

Custom Crating | Long pallets
Custom Crating | Standard crate

Irregular sized pallets

Screwed together for resuse (optional)

Plastic or foam lining for protection.

Custom Crating | Foam inserts

Flatpacked for transport to you.

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